Too many tourists: Should we limit visitor numbers to NZ? [Stuff, 23/08/19]

Queenstown. Beautiful place. But becoming a bit of a bugger of a place, they say.

Anyone flying in can’t help but gawp and gush at the scenery, The Remarkables up to their left as they cross the tarmac, Lake Wakatipu’s willow-fringed shore just down the hill.

But then you drive out of the airport and hit that first tailback before the roundabout by the BP, and the traffic carries on all the way into town…

Read the full article here.

One Comment on “Too many tourists: Should we limit visitor numbers to NZ? [Stuff, 23/08/19]

  1. We have paid $18 a day , each to visit Iran, $35 pp to visit NZ is not enough. A 20% portion of the GST collected in the area should stay in the area its collected. That would address most of our problems.
    Visitors should pay for all of their medical costs when here, they should be required to have full medical travel insurance policy.
    As a country we just need to sharpen up and prepare for the increase in numbers of tourist first.
    The Island of Santorini in Greece counts the numbers of people that come up the cliff from the boats, when the maximum number is reached, they close the gates. I hope we dont have do something like that in Queenstown.


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