People power wins, for now [Mountain Scene, 30/08/19]

During Monday’s QLDC public forum, former councillor Cath Gilmour launched a ‘Protect Queenstown’ campaign run by new society We Love Wakatipu.

It’s aligned with Wanaka Stakeholders Group’s ‘Protect Wanaka’ campaign, which has threatened legal action against the council.

“We want our elected representatives to act on our shared concerns on proposed airport growth,” she says.

She calls the social and economic impact assessments a delaying tactic, rather than a definitive ‘no’.

“The results will be looked at sceptically unless our community can trust from the start that these assessments look at all strategic options available – not just QAC’s dual airport growth strategy – through the lens of community interest and aspirations rather than airline- and QAC-driven demand.”

Read this story in full here.

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