Airport Noise Plans Don’t Fly with Community

Mountain Scene, 3/10/18

This article from October 2018 is a pertinent reminder of community feedback already given to Queenstown Lakes District Councillors about the impacts of proposed airport growth on both business and broader community.

“A shockingly low level of support has been shown for Queenstown Airport’s proposals to extend its aircraft noise boundaries to include an additional 3000 homes.

Figures released by the airport yesterday showed about 4% of most 1500 people who responded to its consultation survey backed proposals.

Also in opposition is a new business and community group, formed to fight the controversial proposal to increase the airport’s operating capacity by about two and a half times.

Queenstown Stakeholders Group (QSG) spokesman and Frankton Community Association chairman Glyn Lewers welcomed the “pause” but stressed expansion was a “fundamental tipping point.”

“We have said no to the airport driving the future of the district and we will continue to do so.”

A staggering 92.5% of the online survey respondents opposed the plans, while the remainder said they were unsure or neutral.”

Read this article in full here

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