Plea to QLDC – “step up and earn our confidence”

Crux, 15 April 2020

We Love Wakatipu Inc supporter John Hilhorst calls for councillors to require QAC to prepare a post-Covid-19 business plan and statement of intent by the Local Government Act’s June 30 deadline.

That would give QAC’s executive team and board – both well remunerated – three months since lockdown to do the strategising that surely every business in New Zealand is doing now.

Instead, the mayor has asked councillors to rubberstamp a now redundant draft SOI based on QAC’s turbocharged dual airport growth strategy strongly opposed by both airport host communities – with just a caveat at the front saying it was written pre-Covid. This would be a total abrogation of councillors’ strategic governance role at what is probably the most critical juncture for Queenstown in over a generation. And it gets worse. By prematurely agreeing to a totally inadequate draft SOI, our councillors would remove any visibility of QAC’s strategies and the risks they pose – including potential loss of financial and political control of our two airports.

LINK to article here

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