Councillors – do your governance job re QAC – public forum calls

Crux, 22 April 2020

Community News Media Crux has published in full two of the public forum submissions that have been made to QLDC’s videoconference meeting tomorrow, at which Councillors have been asked to agree to QAC’s draft SOI based on pre-Covid forecasts and objectives.  Both call on councillors to reject the staff recommendation.

Council has given mixed messages on how they are going to treat public forum – initially they were just going to circulate to councillors and summarise them for the public. After we and others advocated, they said they would read them out during the now live streamed meeting. But on their Facebook and web page, they still say they will just be circulated and “acknowledged” at the start of the meeting.

That would not be democratic. Nor open and transparent. At the very least, a full transcript of every public forum submission should be made available on the website with a link from Facebook.

LINK to the article

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