Other airports look to future – months earlier than QAC apparently can

Otago Daily Times, 30 April 2020, and Jarden financial report, April 2020

Dunedin airport executive leadership says there will not be a return to normal “in the foreseeable future” in the wake of revenue crash landing with the Covid-19 pandemic. The number of passengers could be halved in a post-Covid-19 environment, executives say. Read further in the ODT HERE.

And data sourced from Auckland International Airport has led Jarden wealth management advisors to estimate it will take five years, until financial year 2024, for passenger numbers to climb back to FY 2019 levels. See here for their full report on bear, base and bull forecast scenarios for the next five years.

Meanwhile, Queenstown Lakes residents and council will need to wait until late October to understand the financial and passenger forecasts for Queenstown Airport, after a majority of councillors voted to agree to QAC’s pre-Covid financial forecasts and its draft statement of intent a week ago.

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