MartinJenkins Airport Impact Assessments – Also Delayed….

Crux, 21 May 2020

Crux has answered the question we posed two days ago – and yes, the MartinJenkins social and economic impact assessments meant to guide councillors’ decision on agreeing to QAC’s statement of intent has also been delayed.

Originally due early March, it’s now not going to be delivered until mid-June.  Which would still have been in time for that SOI decision if councillors hadn’t been persuaded to precipitously, and unnecessarily, agree to a redundant SOI two months ahead of schedule. 

We Love Wakatipu Inc has earlier highlighted our serious concerns about the flawed process used by MartinJenkins.  And that was pre-Covid, when we at least had some idea how they were doing it. 

To earn any trust in the report, there will need to be greater transparency in how, what and from whom the consultants are gleaning the further information. And at what cost to ratepayers?

LINK to the article

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