FlightPlan2050’s alternative vision for Queenstown Airport land

Queenstown – future as an Alpine city? FlightPlan2050 vision document, June 2020

The first of three reports prepared by FlightPlan2050, this vision document outlines the proposal to transform Frankton Flats from an airport to a well-designed and connected smart city centre first proposed at a public meeting in Frankton in April 2019.

MartinJenkins’ economic and social impact report into airport growth scenarios found considerable public support for relocation of ZQN, despite its scenario not including the positives to be gained from freeing up ZQN land.

FlightPlan2050 will release its more detailed documents over coming months, to feed into the community conversation about how to achieve a positive, resilient and sustainable future for Queenstown Lakes in the new economic and social reality of Covid.

LINK to the Flightplan2050 vision

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