Christchurch Airport to build “world-class sustainable airport” near Tarras

Otago Daily Times, 22 July 2020

It seems Queenstown Airport Corporation and Queenstown Lakes District Council may have been caught on the back foot by the airport company Mayor Jim Boult used to be CEO of…

And we ratepayers are likely to lose out big time as a result, as the investment benefits flow to Christchurch City Council coffers, not QLDC’s.

Christchurch Airport today announced it has already spent $45 million buying land for a jet capable runway, to design and build one of the world’s most sustainable airports.

Queenstown lobby group FlightPlan2050 proposed QAC relocate Queenstown Airport to the Tarras/Luggage area – with ZQN land to be redeveloped as a smart, connected Alpine city – in March last year. Mayor Boult slammed the idea as “one of the silliest ideas” he had ever heard.

FlightPlan2050’s subsequent investigations have shown the Tarras area would be a far more sustainable, profitable long-term airport than ZQN, without the safety, logistical, traffic and community opposition issues ZQN faces.

What a pity our mayor, councillors, council executive team and QAC didn’t have the foresight Christchurch Airport has –  or were even prepared to open their minds to the idea.

LINK to ODT article here

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