Mayor’s take on Tarras Airport – short on facts despite previous role as Christchurch Airport CEO. And on empathy for his own people…

Otago Daily Times, 14 August 2020

The proposed Tarras Airport runway length of 2.2kms is what is needed by the Honeywell SmartPath technology that allows planes to land unassisted in fog.  So it is a bit of a worry if the “one thing” Jim Boult can tell us as an ex-airport CEO is that fog is a problem.  Because it isn’t.

And how come our mayor’s concern for the “good folk of Tarras” doesn’t stretch to the thousands of his own ratepayers who have clearly expressed their strong opposition to air noise boundary (ANB)expansion at ZQN?

Or the 4000 people who would lose their existing private property rights under this proposal? And if there’s no pressure on the ANB because of Covid – why is he still advocating ANB expansion?  As he has at every vote to date, the only councillor to do so? Despite knowing that it’s not needed because existing plane design would allow many more passengers than QAC is publicly targeting.

LINK to the article

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