What’s worse? Being consulted and ignored… Or being ignored and not consulted?

Otago Daily Times, 9 October 2020

We know Council has ignored community opposition to airport growth for over two years. But ODT’s story below tells how they’ve now told SDHB to move their hospital – with no consultation in the three years they’ve been working on the Frankton Masterplan.

Preferably by 2024-28, so council can put a new ‘lake link’ road around the airport to connect the parts of Frankton split by ZQN, as part of this plan.

Otago Provincial Council chose the hospital site in 1863 as being more central to the district than Queenstown. The airport site was gazetted in 1936. So, history – claimed as a reason by some to support ZQN’s location – favours the hospital…

LINK to article.

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