Minister Mahuta’s response to request for Ministerial Review

We Love Wakatipu Inc commentary, 25 August 2021

Here is Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta’s response to We Love Wakatipu Inc’s request for a Ministerial Review of council’s governance of QAC.

We sent the request after three years of pointing out fundamental mistruths, poor process and council leadership, and most councillors ignoring community consultation and well-being.

WLW believes this, the repeated complaints by individuals and community groups to Council and governance entities about QLDC’s poor governance, and the High Court overturning their lease of Wanaka Airport to QAC because of illegal process and improper consultation cumulatively meet the high threshold required. We also acknowledge that the Local Government Ministry’s huge current workload of law reform probably means this threshold is even higher than usual.

One Comment on “Minister Mahuta’s response to request for Ministerial Review

  1. It beggars belief how bad a situation must become before Government understands and gives a reply that would confirm they even tried to understand .
    Maybe the information should be forwarded to David Seymour ACT Party Leader as he has now opened an office in Christchurch to assist the South Island population.


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