How To Contact Councillors

Connect personally

Below are councillor emails and phone numbers. Personal contact about important community issues – like our airports – are a vital part of our democratic process. And we can, through strength of argument and numbers, help shape councillors’ understanding and decisions. There is a lot of information on our website and Facebook page if you’d like to read up on the issues further before you contact them. Please make sure your messages are polite and focus on the issues, not the person.

Bulk Email

You can copy all the emails below and paste the lot into the Send To address box in your email if you want to send a collective message.,,,,,,,,,,

Individual email

If you have time, it is often more effective to send your thoughts individually to each councillor. Use the same process by simply copying each individual councillor’s address and paste these separately into the Send To address box of each of the emails you want to send.

Phone numbers

Jim Boult: 0274 801 201

Calum MacLeod: 021 272 1505

Craig Ferguson (Ferg): 0274 869 933

Esther Whitehead: 021 243 0741

Penny Clark: 021 640 974

Quentin Smith: 021 270 3706

Val Miller: 027 228 6586

Glyn Lewers: 027 486 5004

Niki Gladding: 027 630 0654

Niamh Shaw: 021 173 9690

Heath Copland: 021 539 140

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